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DocuWrx is a premiere FileMaker developer. Our flagship solution, Kosmas, is an end-to-end vertical market solution for the construction industry. DocuWrx also creates first class custom business solutions for many different industries including hospitality, retail, property management, healthcare, manufacturing, and many more. If you are looking for a custom solution for for your business or are interested in Kosmas, inquire below.

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Take Me Out to the Ball Game

A day full of baseball, fun, and getting together with family members of employees. DocuWrx associates had the privilege of spending a workday afternoon at the Tampa Bay Rays vs. Detroit Tigers on August 21 at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Excited to see David Price return to the Tropicana Field, (he was drafted to the Tigers after playing years for the Rays) the DocuWrx team packed up their cars and caravaned over to the game. Some of the team are baseball experts, while others…not so much. For some it was even their first Baseball game! Nonetheless, spirits were high and everyone was cheering on the Rays.

The stadium was packed with people hoping for a win, and excited to see David Price back on the Tropicana Field once again. When Price entered the field, both Tigers and Rays fans cheered him on to show their support.  Although Price was back, he failed to overcome his good friend and also the new Rays pitcher, Alex Cobb. Leaving the Rays with a 1-0 win over the Tigers. This win broke a four-game losing streak for the Rays. (Docuwrx was the good luck charm ;-).

Cobb threw seven innings, giving up two hits. He posted six scoreless innings until Torii Hunter doubled to open the seventh and on Miguel Cabrera’s groundout, went to third. Thanks to Cobb there were no runs on two walks and two hits, deserving his ninth win this season due to striking out six in seven innings.

Since some of our team are new to the sport of baseball, we had the chance to familiarize them with the rules and history of the game. Apart from the game, some employees enjoyed food, while others pet the Rays in the stingray tank. All-in-all, everyone enjoyed the game and spending some time together away from their computer screens.

Ok, back to work!