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Spectra Chrome

Updated Manufacturing FileMaker Solution and Added Website Integration


Spectra Chrome of Clearwater, FL provides a “spray on” chrome process used widely in the automotive industry that can also be used for many applications. Spectra Chrome’s products have been used for many applications including helmets to jet skis, to the one and only Grave Digger monster truck! Offering equipment and solutions, Spectra Chrome invites current and prospective customers to its manufacturing facility for hands-on demonstrations and training. Like a rusty bumper, the company’s pre-existing legacy solution and equipment left much to be desired.

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Spectra Chrome used an outdated system to handle their day-to-day operations. For a growing business,  the features, functionality, and equipment could no longer keep up. Spectra Chrome needed to overcome constant maintenance needs and under-performing equipment. Affected by shipping process inefficiencies and ineffective handling of web-based leads, Spectra Chrome experienced lost time and effort using the obsolete system.

The Process

A Solutions Consultant met with Spectra Chrome at its facility to identify needs and issues with their previous FileMaker solution. Working together, workflows and processes were identified so that Spectra Chrome’s goals would be achieved. The discovery process also included an inspection of the legacy solution and equipment’s recurring costs and performance.

Using the information gathered from the discovery process, DocuWrx prepared a detailed and itemized quote free of charge or obligation. The quote included hard numbers for different options to suit Spectra Chrome’s primary and secondary goals and to meet the given budget. Once agreed upon, a Solutions Architect designed and explained a detailed layout of the proposed solution and equipment improvements. Acknowledging any questions and feedback, DocuWrx adjusted the plan as necessary. The team also formulated a strategy to handle web-based leads through website integration.

Recommendations for updated equipment and IT issues were offered by DocuWrx’s IT experts. Keeping in mind the company’s budget, DocuWrx assisted with the purchase and deployment of the approved equipment in preparation for the completed solution.

After completing the initial design, DocuWrx developers started the building process based on the legacy solution. Employing the Agile Development Method throughout the process provided adaptive planning and development. DocuWrx demonstrated developments along the way so that Spectra Chrome was able to contribute feedback, and ensured the solution resolved its specific needs.

Upon completion of the solution, the Solutions Architect met with Spectra Chrome again prior to launch. DocuWrx provided an overview of the finished solution, and demonstrated how specific workflows and functions were completed. Making sure the solution met Spectra Chrome’s needs, it was deployed. An Account Manager was then assigned to provide continual support.


Spectra Chrome now has an updated and fully-functioning solution to meet their needs. With behind-the-scenes performance optimization and a cleaner design, the solution functions quicker and more intuitively. The solution also provided additional automation for shipping processes and operations workflows.

By switching to annual licensing and improving upon the existing solution, Spectra Chrome saved money for new server equipment. Throughout the implementation process, DocuWrx assisted in the setup of the new equipment, which provides great performance at a reduced cost. By utilizing DocuWrx IT experts who have intimate knowledge of the project, Spectra Chrome also avoided additional IT costs.

One significant addition to Spectra Chrome’s solution is the integration of a website form to populate leads into their solution. When a visitor to their website puts in information, it is automatically imported into Spectra Chrome’s database in a clear and organized way. This information can be used throughout the solution for marketing purposes, managing leads, and recording all customer information in a central place.

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