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Serve To Protect (STP) is a business based out of Sarasota, FL which provides guard, protection, monitoring, and evaluating services for the safety of luxury properties. Alan Pollak and his family have first-hand experience mitigating the challenges and responsibilities of their own homes while living abroad for extended periods of time. This experience turned into a growing business, with the aim of providing top quality services for clients.

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A Solutions Consultant met with Serve To Protect as part of the discovery process. Working with STP, DocuWrx compiled a list of workflows, needs, and challenges to address. Part of the process also  involved a review of marketing materials and strategies.

After gathering information during the discovery process, DocuWrx prepared a detailed and itemized quote free of charge or obligation. The proposal included a hard-number bid for every improvement and option to obtain the desired results. Once the proposal was approved, a Solutions Architect began the actual design of the solution. Consulting with STP during the process to ensure a tailored design, a detailed architecture was laid out.

The DocuWrx marketing team also formulated a strategy for STP.’s website and marketing materials to improve reach and target key audiences. Using an understanding of website design, search engine optimization, marketing media, and graphic design, a full plan of action was developed.

After the initial design was completed and approved, the project moved into the build process. Employing the Agile Development Method throughout the process provided adaptive planning and development. STP maintained continual contact throughout the process to provide feedback for the developing prototypes. This testing method is vital to confirm that the solution functions as envisioned and marketing materials meet exceptional standards.

Upon completion of the solution, a meeting with the Solutions Architect was arranged prior to launch. DocuWrx provided an overview of the finished solution and materials, and demonstrated how specific workflows and functions were achieved. With STP’s final approval, the complete solution was deployed. An Account Manager was then assigned to provide continual support.

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DocuWrx redesigned the Serve To Protect website so that it is more responsive and looks great on a desktop computer or mobile device. DocuWrx recognizes function as well as looks, so DocuWrx also finely tuned search engine optimization (SEO),  and added new blog capabilities, contact forms, and dynamic links. The website has great functionality, receives increased traffic, and integrates seamlessly with STP’s FileMaker solution behind the scenes.

DocuWrx assisted with identifying the best-suited social media platforms to use. As a result, STP now has a presence on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest. Clients can find the company using Google Maps and Bing Maps. STP has the increased ability to regularly engage current and potential clients online. DocuWrx also strengthened STP’s presence in search results, maximized returns on budget, created display ads, and employed specific keywords to provide the best user experience possible. Cost-per-click target-specific marketing campaigns were created and managed for Google and Bing to help get the most quality lead generation for their money.

Primarily, the website keeps STP’s clients in mind, making the client web portal easy to access and use. Clients are able to securely login to view evaluations, agreements, bills, and make payments as part of the solution. STP is able to generate and store reports and vital information quicker, easier, and more securely.

Branding and marketing materials were also created for STP. DocuWrx utilized its in-house experts to create new branding and marketing materials, down to a brand-new logo for STP. Working with STP, high quality and professionally branded brochures were created. As a tool to show STP’s potential clients, a completely custom Prezi presentation replaces PowerPoint, resulting in a more engaging and impressive presentation with greater “wow”-factor.

Serve To Protect now not only has a great FileMaker solution that integrates with its website, but improved marketing capabilities. With more engaging materials and behind the scenes optimization, customers can now easily find STP and its services. With a growing clientele, the solution makes it easier to manage the business more efficiently and securely, without having to sacrifice usability for both the client and the business.

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