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DocuWrx is a premiere FileMaker developer. Our flagship solution, TRUE, is an end-to-end vertical market solution for the construction industry. DocuWrx also creates first class custom business solutions for many different industries including hospitality, retail, property management, healthcare, manufacturing, and many more. If you are looking for a custom solution for for your business or are interested in TRUE, inquire below.

Custom Solutions

Pavement Contractor Software

All-in-One Construction Solution Designed Specifically for Pavement & Asphalt Contractors


Simplify complex scheduling issues with auto-assignment, email and text field notifications, dispatch mapping, certification tracking and more.


End- to-end job management with proposals, quotes, invoicing, history tracking and inventory management.

Document Management

An effective document management system helps subcontractors become better organized by making it easier to file, share, retrieve, and secure information.
Unite Office and Field


Streamline vital operations in the heart of your business. From the office, efficiently manage the nitty-gritty details and update the crew in the field in real-time with our field service software.
Marketing Campaigns
Document Management
HR Functions


The field crews are usually the first to discover issues and directly oversee a project. Handle vital activity in the field, and instantly relay information to the office for final processing with our end-to-end contractor software.
Mobile Payments
Work Orders
Payment Processing
Field Purchases

1. Receive a Lead

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The phone rings and a customer needs service. Easily input the customer’s information and their request into TRUE for quick access and later use.

2. Assign, Schedule, or Dispatch

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Assign one or more employees to manage the order, who will receive a notification in the office or in the field of a new assignment. With easy-to-read scheduling, schedule a technician to the job with confidence that there won’t be conflicts. Adjust the order of their stops and dispatch the technician on their planned route complete with mapping.

3. Add Line Items to the Quote

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On the job, the technician can prepare a quote line-by-line including materials, labor, and automatic tax and totals calculations using TRUE Go on a mobile device. This is made even easier with the TRUE Pavement Calculator. The quote is also instantly available for viewing, editing, or approval by your authorized office staff.

4. Provide the Quote to the Customer

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Also on-site, or from the office, send the quote to your customer via email, or printed copy. TRUE Go has the ability to email or print wirelessly.

5. Customer Approves the Work

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When the customer approves your quote, add additional notes, make adjustments if needed, or even upload the customer’s signature of approval for record-keeping.

6. Complete the Work

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For better or worse, sometimes jobs don’t go exactly as expected. Modify the order as necessary and keep everyone in the loop right away. Field purchases can be immediately sent to accounting, scheduling can be adjusted and more; keeping the field crew and the office in sync.

7. Take Payment for the Work

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When the work is completed, crews can take payment immediately on the spot. Instantly convert the work order to an invoice, which can be printed for the customer or sent by email. If payment is made on-site rather than being billed, transactions can be completed on a mobile device, by credit, debit, check, PayPal, or cash. 

8. Provide the Customer with a Receipt

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After the transaction is completed, the digitally-saved receipt can be sent to the customer by email directly from TRUE in seconds.

Many people wear different hats as part of their job. While keeping the ability to use all available features, TRUE makes it easy to filter down to the features you need to use, based on the role you take for that minute. Switching roles is as easy as a single click in with our all-in-one Subcontractor Software.
Essentials such as CRM application, estimates, quotes and orders, invoices and point of sale payment processing and more to turn leads into profit.
For all the behind-the-scenes action, from project reporting to payroll, from administration to HR, and everything in between, this role has access to the vital functions to grease the wheels.
Field Worker
Field Worker
Access everything you need from contact information, assigned projects, and schedules to uploading job site pictures, field purchases, and more to get things done in the field.
Project Manager
Project Manager
Manage a project from top to bottom, set up jobs and schedules, manage change orders, submittals, transmittals and RFIs, view progress completion and WIP reporting, just to name a few.
Use anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Web, phone, tablet, office, or at home.

Billed Annually

All-in-One Solution

Specialty Contractors are multifaceted and need a robust solution to handle everything from the office, in their fabrication shop, and in the field. Stay connected and be more productive using one solution.

Get Your Price

Experienced Subcontractors
  • Veteran owned with commercial construction background

We learned our lessons running a multi-million dollar commercial subcontracting firm and have since then, applied our knowledge to hundreds of others. We’ve had the same problems as you and have learned the hard way how to fix them. We’ve dealt with overly complicated and expensive Sage integrations, tried to use QuickBooks when it wasn’t capable enough and stumbled through legacy software like Foundation Accounting. We’ve used old school MYOB, and various estimation tools and take-off software that sometimes worked but usually didn’t. We’ve programmed CNC machines, dealt with on-premise servers, email issues, digital document storage and internet bandwidth limitations.

We’ve been there, done that and know how painful it is. Instead of going through the same learning process we’ve had, we can help you avoid it.

We’ll show you the best economical way of integrating your workflows and software. Our subcontractor software was designed to work well to run your entire business, not just a part of it. It’s the best tool available for everyone on your team to stay on the same page and ensure the work gets done right and on time.

Pavement Calculator
  • Create more accurate quotes

DocuWrx has partnered with our pavement, asphalt and concrete contractor clients to help improve business processes for the industry. With that in mind, DocuWrx developers updated TRUE Enterprise to include a calculator that is designed to create accurate line items specific to pavement, asphalt, and concrete calculations when creating orders. This new calculator tool also allows users to build a database that can store products and pricing for quick calculation using your popular products.

When the subcontractor inputs the lengths and widths in linear feet, the application calculates the square footage of the the area. Then, it calculates the cost of the individual areas and the extended cost for multiple of the same size area for that specific order. In addition, with the TRUE Pavement Calculator, users can get the square footage of an area using Google My Map form directly inside the program.

Subcontractors can then build out their itemized job and easily import the proposal back into your solution with a pre-set markup that can be generated into a quote, order, or PO. Markups can be adjusted per item if necessary. The Pavement Calculator can also be tailored to the users request to accommodate more unique workflows or estimation methods.

Time Clock with Job Costing
  • Track time punches with GPS for all of your field employees and contractors

Whether you’re tracking labor on-site, on the road, in the office or in the shop, TRUE is there. Even if you don’t have an internet connection, our subcontractor solution lets you clock in with confidence. Just initiate a sync later. Complex overtime rules, prevailing wages (Davis-Bacon Act), multiple activities per punch, and on-site vs. off-site punches are all standard. TRUE knows where you are when you punch and cross-references it with the job…if you’re too far away, your manager is notified.

Upload doctor notes and create attendance punches. Track paid time off balances, salaries, adjustments and seamlessly process them with payroll. Whether you use TRUE for payroll or a 3rd party provider, our solution helps you deliver accurate information in the format you need. Keep track of travel pay and per diem using your firm’s unique rules. Know when your team is traveling between sites and automatically job cost everything to the correct cost center and cost codes.

TRUE even calculates correct wages when employees have custom travel and per diem agreements or you’ve setup a specific job to pay more. Once you’ve used TRUE for your Time Clock needs, you’ll never go back.

Mobile Apps
  • Connect your Team in Real-time with our collaboration tools

DocuWrx supports apps in phones and tablets that incorporate both online and offline accessibility with most desktop features. It allows you to save time by submitting information to the system on the go. Never let an issue slip through the cracks again. Assign co-workers to tasks and receive alerts on your dashboard, plus get texts and emails about any updates. Use our Checklists Module to create updatable item lists and ensure compliance of work procedures or other important tasks. Once applied to a module, your employees can work together to check-off items and add notes. For example, imagine a field supervisor checking critical items on a job-site as laid out by a supervisor while on their iPad or Android based smartphone.

Track your teams’ tasks and punch list items using our Issue Tracker. Any and every problem can be followed-up upon and items can be solved quickly; saving you money. Upload documents, pictures and receive email alerts when you’ve been added to a new issue automatically.

No matter if you’re on the job-site, at the office or working from home, stay connected and work as a cohesive team with TRUE.