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Why Mobile ERP Software is Key to Success

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is one of the latest buzzwords in business. If you haven’t heard of it before or just aren’t sure what it is, ERP software is a business management software that collects, stores and analyzes data from various business workflows and activities. ERP software provides accurate, real-time data about a business using a central database, which allows users to share information across offices, jobsites, and teams. While mobile ERP software uses mobile devices like smartphones and tablets instead of desktop computers. mobile ERP software has various benefits for a service-oriented company; mainly because it gives employees access to important project details from any location, improving transparency thus improving the quality of work.

Convenience of Mobile Devices

Because of the mobility of devices today, employees can easily carry around a smartphone or tablet and access a mobile ERP solution wherever they are, whenever they encounter an issue and ensure that internal procedures are executed properly. By allowing employees to access and enter real-time data and documentation. This can improve the quality of your data by ensuring that users across your organization are entering accurate information at the time of need. This takes out the guess work and double entry of data across different programs or devices; reducing human error while improving efficiency.

Improved Decision Making

Many project managers rely on their memory, documentation and various communications to make important decisions regarding projects. The constantly changing nature of the commercial contracting can make these decisions difficult for managers in the field with limited to no access to documentation, computer or even simple project information required for making a well-informed decision about the project. Mobile ERP software allows managers to make timely and informed decisions, improving your projects and giving you a competitive edge.

Bridge the Gap Between the Office and the Field

Mobile ERP software bridges the gap between office staff and field teams by providing real-time access to important information. Mobile ERP provide a solution to having uninformed field crews because it houses all the information related to any project, order or customer. It also allows office staff insight into the field with accurate timekeeping methods and proper documentation of field activities.

Data Security

Mobile ERP softwares, like TRUE, were built with security measures in place for storing valuable information. First and foremost, going digital is always more secure when compared to paper, which can be misplace, stolen or destroyed during an accident, leading to lose of essential information. However, mobile ERP software is able to store the same information in a database where it can be easily retrieved, even if the mobile device is lost, because your data is stored on the cloud rather than the device, it remains protected and accessible.

Permission Controls

Mobile ERP software allows you to set specific permissions to control who can access what information in the system. Access control allows for various levels of permission that range from time clock access only to access permission to high level information in the system is not shared by other employees. With this important feature, organization can improve security by only allowing specific personnel to access and enter information in your company database.

Simple Scheduling 

Mobile ERP solutions include scheduling and calendar tools that enable you to efficiently schedule employees as well as plan projects. The software will allow you to make schedules and set alerts to inform employees of what’s coming up next. The scheduler is also alerted if there are any schedule conflicts. This in an important tool in planning because it allows for managed to easily communicate work schedules with employees to prevent missed shifts and wasted labor hours. Scheduling tools within mobile ERP solutions ensures that time punches, shift changes and time off requests are made correctly by using the application on their mobile devices. Mobile ERP solutions also remind employees of the work to be done during specific timeframes, reducing forgotten tasks and wasted time.

Improved Productivity

Mobile ERP software, like TRUE, improves productivity and simplifies the business management process. Since employee are able to access information whenever they are, they continue to work as if they were in the office, which reduces costs in terms of paper work and office space.

Competitive Advantage

An organization that utilizes mobile ERP software has a competitive advantage over their competition because the use of mobile devices provide field teams the tools they needs to provide the best service to the customer. Due to the increase in popularity of mobile devices, prices have dropped significantly, making mobility more affordable. With mobile ERP software, you can provide your customers with the transparency they crave while delivering great customer service, which makes for repeat business.

Mobile ERP software can greatly contribute to the success of an organization due to availability of information which lead to better decision making and implementation of right procedures. It can also streamline the operation of an organization and better insight into how the business is doing.



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