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DocuWrx is a premiere FileMaker developer. Our flagship solution, Kosmas, is an end-to-end vertical market solution for the construction industry. DocuWrx also creates first class custom business solutions for many different industries including hospitality, retail, property management, healthcare, manufacturing, and many more. If you are looking for a custom solution for for your business or are interested in Kosmas, inquire below.

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Why Mobile Construction Software is Key to Efficiency

In today’s world, construction businesses have become just as reliant on mobile devices as they have been on their computer or paper processes in the past. However, many companies have yet to give up their paper documents and manual processes despite the negative effect on productivity. Paper records can be laborious to create, and difficult to track; ultimately resulting in confusion and unnecessary labor. How do construction businesses combat this? Lose the outdated manual processes and go digital! Believe it or not, with construction software like TRUE, construction projects can be run entirely from your phone or tablet! Some of the ways that working on mobile devices outshines manual processes and outdated legacy systems, include:

Quality Documentation

Construction software applications are able to store and keep track all relevant documents while automatically tagging those documents with time, date, location and even who added it. This kind of record keeping will not only protect construction firms from costly litigation but will ensure that information is available to all relevant parties in real-time. With solutions like TRUE, you are even able to check documents in and out to collaborate with your team more effectively.

Work Order Management

Work orders are undoubtedly a key reason to use construction software. Using mobile technology, workers can receive their specific work orders right on their mobile devices, and begin working immediately. Field teams are also able to refer to previous work orders, which will allow them to ensure higher quality work for current tasks by referring to prior similar situations to see how they were handled.

Increased Employee Accountability

Construction software that utilizes mobile technology improves the accountability of workers in the field and ensures that they are spending their time doing productive work that will move the project forward. By utilizing GPS, mobile time clocks, and equipment tracking, project managers are able to view the productivity levels of their workers, and check on the status of various projects quickly and easily.

Get Paid 

Paper invoices can get lost or contain errors, causing delays in payments from customers. Mobile technology allows the subcontractor to send out invoices directly from his or her device to get paid more quickly and have a permanent record of all invoices.

Better Communication

Mobile construction solutions have the ability to unite the field and the back office by allowing fast, real-time information sharing and collaboration. At any given time, workers in the field or employees in the office can communicate with each other or check on the status of the project right from a mobile device.


Construction mobile applications allow for field workers to be “online” while they are on the go. These workers will no longer have to worry about finding and keeping track of multiple paper documents. Everything that these workers need can all be accessed on their mobile devices. With less of a focus on organizing paper documents, workers will be able to focus more on the job at hand.


If your construction business is struggling with efficiency and productivity because of your paper processes or legacy system, it’s time to try going digital and mobile! Make the move to a mobile construction solution and rid your company of the inefficiencies that come with using outdated manual processes. For more information about TRUE and how it can help you improve your business processes, check out www.docuwrx.com/true-enterprise.



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