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Why Fleet Management is Key for Field Service Operations

Field Service teams are under constant pressure from increasing demands from the consumer. With budgets getting tighter and the cost of doing business on the rise, organizations need assistance in running their business effectively. For companies with Field Service operations, one of the many aspects they must consider is fleet management. The goal of fleet managers is to improve the fleet’s efficiency, manage costs as well as ensuring safety and legal compliance. To achieve this ultimate goal, managers utilize Fleet Management, which refers to the organization of a fleet of vehicles, and the tasks required to maintain the overall operation of the fleet.

A number of organizations have fleet managers that attempt to manage their tasks manually by using spreadsheets, notes, and paper forms to keep track of all of the key dates and information associated with multiple vehicles. The problem with these less sophisticated methods is that they are not only inadequate, they are completely inefficient when considering the complexity of managing a fleet. Supervising vehicles, demands efficiency and organization; which is why the Vehicles & Specialty Equipment module in TRUE was created. It streamlines the process accurately and efficiently.

The responsibility of performing pivotal tasks pertaining to the overall function of a fleet lies on the fleet manager. These tasks include preventative maintenance, parts tracking, warranty recovery, training, budgeting, repairs, compliance, and many other functions. TRUE is designed to manage these tasks to maximize efficiency. It also maintains an accurate record of vehicle inspections, repairs, and preventative maintenance requirements. The software makes it easier to track pertinent details related to each vehicle, saving fleet managers a significant amount of time.

TRUE is an incredibly valuable tool for field service operations; especially because of the features available for Fleet Management, including:

  • Assignment Logs
  • Vehicle Detail & Feature Descriptions
  • Inventory & Tools Assigned to Specific Vehicle
  • Maintenance Requirements & History
  • Preventative Maintenance Scheduling
  • Mileage/Fuel Log
  • Registration, Warranty & Insurance Tracking & Alerts
  • Purchasing & Budget Insights
  • Repair Orders & Failure Analysis
  • Vehicle History
  • Fleet Scheduling
  • Operator Compliance & History (Licenses, Training, Availability)

For more information about how TRUE can help you better manage your field service operations, please visit  https://www.docuwrx.com/fieldservicesoftware/ or email our team at sales@docuwrx.com.