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Better Business with Field Service Software

Running a field service business can be challenging to say the least, running one efficiently is a whole new obstacle. No one want to operate at a loss or leave money on the table when something could have been done in a better, more cost conscious way. There are a number of ways to improve the efficiency of field service operations; however, one of the easiest ways to do this is by adopting Field Service Software, like TRUE. Here, we will breakdown the various ways that field service software can improve the efficiency and productivity of your service business.

Stay Up to Date

End-to-End Business Management software ensures that your back office and management team are always in the know. Managers and owners are able to log-in and see real-time technician updates like work orders, schedules, time punches with GPS and many other key details easily and from the comfort of their office. The beauty of field service software is that it seamlessly united the field and the office.

Save Time & Resources

With service software, technicians in the field can easily receive newly dispatched work order details on their tablet so they can efficiently plan their routes to the jobs for that day, easily pulling up maps and driving directions within the application. With field service software there is no need for field technicians to return to the office or constantly call the client and disrupt them.

Access Key Data from the Field

With field service software, like TRUE, field service technicians can view service history (including past technicians’ notes and photos), maintenance contracts and warranty information and preventive maintenance checklists all from the road. There is no need to call the office staff to look up client information; each field technician has access to the system and can view all of the information they need regarding the jobs they have been assigned.

Preventive maintenance checklists can reinforce a consistent process that you or the customer establishes. This makes it easier for your customers to demonstrate compliance with any regulatory requirements. Having all this information in the hands of each technician significantly reduces the time he would spend on daily paperwork necessary to satisfy union job site requirements. It also saves time on daily payroll and other tasks related to management of equipment and materials at each job site.

Improve Office Productivity

In addition to reducing the burden of paperwork on your field technicians, mobile solutions reduce duplicate data entry (and the potential for human errors) for your operations staff. Where it was once common for two people’s time to be simultaneously used (for example, a dispatcher looking up and conveying service history to the technician), such inefficiencies are eliminated. Work in the back office, in effect, becomes a matter of approval rather than data entry. This allows your back office team to focus on activities that add greater value to your organization than data entry, often supporting more field techs without adding back office staff.

By utilizing field service software, like TRUE, you will be able to improve the productivity and efficiency of your business as well as a whole new level of transparency. With this level of transparency, the insight into your business operations will allow you to make informed business decisions, better manage your work force, save on labor costs and many other benefits.

For more information about TRUE Business Management Software, please visit our solutions website.