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DocuWrx is a premiere FileMaker developer. Our flagship solution, Kosmas, is an end-to-end vertical market solution for the construction industry. DocuWrx also creates first class custom business solutions for many different industries including hospitality, retail, property management, healthcare, manufacturing, and many more. If you are looking for a custom solution for for your business or are interested in Kosmas, inquire below.

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10 Signs It’s Time to Switch Business Software

In today’s world, technology plays an essential role when it comes to business management. Because of the wide array of business software solutions available on the market, the problem becomes finding the software that will best fit you and your company. Sure, you may think what you have now gets the job done, but is that enough? Here are 10 signs that you may what to switch business software:

Your Software Isn’t Doing What You Want It to

Often times, we settle for what we can get, for whatever reason, whether for price or out of convenience. However, when you’re running a company and looking for not only efficiency but growth, settling simply isn’t an option. If your tools aren’t working for you the way you need them to, it’s time to rethink the tool.

Your Company Relies on Multiple Solutions

Your company decided to purchase additional solutions to compensate for the features your primary solutions were missing. This means your employees now have not one, but two different tools to learn and adopt into their daily lives.

Employees Waste Time & Energy Switching Between Solutions

Between the time it takes to learn multiple solutions and the time to switch between them, your employees end up wasting more time than you think, leading to less work is being done and money being wasted. If you find that you need to compensate for one software by purchasing another to operate alongside it, or more effort needs to be put in, then yes, it’s time to ditch them all for something better. And more practical.

Employees Spend Too Much Effort Using Different Software Solutions

If your workers have to manually enter the same information multiple times to make sure all of your different solutions are actually working together. This gives so much room for error, not to mention the painstaking amount of work that has to be put in for just in double entry. Who has time for wasted time or money? No one. Time to switch business software.

Your Software Stresses Your Team

So you’ve got multiple solutions running, the Software is complying, or both. In any case, it’s bound to lead to stress or frustration among your employees, which creates a hostile work environment. That environment is neither good for your workers nor any clients.

Too Expensive

Sure the Software might be working great! But if it’s not netting you the results you desire or it’s cutting way too much into your profits, it’s time to ditch it. Same can be said with owning multiple Software Suites, but that’s just costly and is one of the many clear signs to replace your business software.

Software Does Not Communicate

You have multiple solutions. The problem? The systems don’t share information between one another. What you do on one end, you have to do to the other and then some. Not to mention the compatibility issues. What do you do? Break up and move on to better options.

Lack of Customization

Sometimes your business requires a feature to improve operations. The software is probably capable of it, but the one you have isn’t and in order to have that feature added to the system for you, you’ll have to shell out a ton of cash. However, if you had the option to customize the software to fit your needs, there would be no problem. TRUE is highly customizable and DocuWrx is happy to work with our clients to get them the solution they need to meet their specific business needs.

No Mobility for Field Work

So the Software you have is so incredibly limiting that you have to be in the office, in front of a computer, to do anything technology related. It’s 2016 and we’re fast approaching the next decade. This is the era of mobile technology: smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and so forth. There should be no reason that you can’t use your Software outside of the office. If you cannot unite your office and field operations, switch business software.

Software Lacks Sales & Marketing

Not being able to immediately or automatically captures and follow up on leads gives them time to reconsider your brand and possibly decide against it. Thus, wasting precious time. A majority of companies and businesses rely on sales, so if your software isn’t capable of helping you manage your sales, perhaps it’s time to upgrade to a better partner.


Now that we’ve gotten this far, and you are ready to switch business software, what solution is the answer to the many issues mentioned here? The all-in-one solution. TRUE is the solution with all the features you need to run your company, in one easy to use solution. From project management, inventory, quotes, orders, invoicing and POS, to marketing campaigns and human resources, TRUE has your needs covered.

For more information about switching to TRUE and how it can help you take your business to the next level, visit www.docuwrx.com/true-enterprise.



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