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DocuWrx is a premiere FileMaker developer. Our flagship solution, Kosmas, is an end-to-end vertical market solution for the construction industry. DocuWrx also creates first class custom business solutions for many different industries including hospitality, retail, property management, healthcare, manufacturing, and many more. If you are looking for a custom solution for for your business or are interested in Kosmas, inquire below.

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New FileMaker 14 Platform

The FileMaker platform just got bigger and better. Today, FileMaker launched its newest version, 14, promising the complete experience. FileMaker 14 provides all new features and changes that will leave your development team speechless. Our development team at DocuWrx has been experimenting with a pre-release version of FileMaker 14 for a few weeks and so far have been highly impressed with what it has to offer. With Kosmas, our flagship product, we’ve been able to quickly test all aspects from WAN performance, GUI load times, scripting enhancements and new WebDirect features. Here is a few of our notes and opinions regarding the recent update.

With the FileMaker 14, they’ve created the Script Workspace, where you can create, view and modify scripts in one allocated space helping expedite development time. New scripting workspace greatly improves the speed of which we can develop solutions.  It puts everything we need in an ergonomic interface and has great shortcuts to expedite our work.

Mobile devices such as iPads and iPhones can now support FileMaker WebDirect, giving you access wherever. While there were tricks to getting WebDirect to work before, it is now designed to work on Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer.WebDirect is tested to support at least 100 concurrent connections. You’ll still need some beefy hardware but not quite as crazy as what FileMaker Server 13 required. We highly recommend using the two-server method of deployment as we see an impressive performance boost with that configuration.


The FileMaker platform encompasses new options for design with in-field labels, object component styles, button bar, icons, color selection and more that further increase the pace and speed of development. To top it off, all 16 Starter Solutions have unique layouts tailored to different devices.

The new Launch Center comes in handy when searching for any of your FileMaker solutions. With the Launch Center, you can easily organize and create custom icons on any of your devices.


For all iOS devices, FileMaker Go 14 has a sleek new user interface that coincides with iOS 8. FileMaker Pro is completely touch screen compatible. Touchscreen monitors and Microsoft Surface Pro tablets will now allow much more natural interaction when using FileMaker 14. For easier building in landscape or portrait views, you can use a script to lock the screen orientation, also giving you more control to show or hide keyboards. You can hide the iOS bar via a script step similar to what Kiosk mode used to do via FileMaker Pro Advanced.

The enhanced signature capture allows portrait or landscape view along with additional information. Enjoy video and audio playback control, touch keyboards, and rich text editing.

FileMaker 14 wants to make sure you always have access to your data.Now, if you lose internet connection, FileMaker Pro brings you back to the exact place you left off before you were disconnected. PC / Mac users can now automatically reconnect if their connection is lost.  This is much anticipated feature for some of our users who are on less than ideal internet connections.

Lastly, FileMaker Server 14 provides you with a new standby server option. If you’re only deploying on a single server, this feature will allow you to have a mirrored backup that will be on hot-standby; ready to go if the primary server fails.  This is a great feature when data must be accessible, no matter what, with the least amount of downtime possible.

Overall, the new FileMaker 14 Platform has our stamp of approval. Kosmas will not only be more accessible, faster, and automated, but it will also give us more control over our solutions on every device.