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DocuWrx is a premiere FileMaker developer. Our flagship solution, Kosmas, is an end-to-end vertical market solution for the construction industry. DocuWrx also creates first class custom business solutions for many different industries including hospitality, retail, property management, healthcare, manufacturing, and many more. If you are looking for a custom solution for for your business or are interested in Kosmas, inquire below.

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1Million Cups of Opportunities

For a company specializing in developing solutions for small and medium sized businesses, it’s a priority to understand the problems local businesses face daily.  That’s why our Solutions Consultant, Jojo Opoku, reached out to local entrepreneurs at 1millionCups in St. Petersburg, Fl.

1millionCups is a program that offers advice to local startups and connects them with other entrepreneurs. Every Wednesday, two start-ups present their ideas to the local community. Afterwards, the other attendees are given the opportunity to ask questions and suggest methods that might help improve the success of the presenters’ businesses.

During the previous presentation,  Jojo discussed the struggle involved with providing sustainable technological solutions to African countries through mobile devices, with Paving the Way. He also had a brief conversation with other database related software companies about the benefits of using Kosmas, DocuWrx’s robust solutions for accounting, real estate and construction industries.

The conference presented us with the opportunity to meet other startup software and application development entrepreneurs and exchange ideas about the struggles the industry faces as a whole. These opportunities and discussions allow us to learn from others experiences and grow as a company so that we can continue to serve our clients to the best of our ability.

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