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DocuWrx is a premiere FileMaker developer. Our flagship solution, Kosmas, is an end-to-end vertical market solution for the construction industry. DocuWrx also creates first class custom business solutions for many different industries including hospitality, retail, property management, healthcare, manufacturing, and many more. If you are looking for a custom solution for for your business or are interested in Kosmas, inquire below.

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10 Tips to Proper Document Management

Each year, companies can end up losing thousands over improper document management. To some, uploading and modifying documents may come easy. While to many others, simply saving an image to a desktop can become a hassle. At DocuWrx, we know that managing and maintaining accurate files is essential to your company. Without proper documentation for items such as W4, worker’s comp, invoices, etc., your company could incur future complications. Kosmas can help companies avoid issues such as improper user access, unauthorized changes and legal conflicts, by providing your company with our complete document management solution.

Below are ten features in Kosmas that assist in proper document management:

Tip #1: Easy Uploading

The drag and drop feature allows you to quickly upload documents and images from their desktop with ease. Email Capture enables you to upload email attachments and store emails by simply sending an email. Better yet, it automatically links to projects, invoices, client accounts and more. Instead of individually uploading file by file, save time by uploading folders of pictures or PDFs. If you have large amounts of files already pre-organized in a folder hierarchy, simply use the Directory Upload feature to import everything at once. It will also build the same folder structure for you right in Kosmas.

Tip #2: Versioning Control

Are you constantly modifying certain documents or images and need to track it’s history? Kosmas has full versioning control so you can upload multiple versions and track them from start to finish. Mark specific versions as primary so every user knows the most accurate and updated version. Allow users to check in/out documents so that multiple users are not making file modifications simultaneously.

Tip #3: Secure Storage

With terabytes of cloud storage, you will have no issues storing or accessing files from anywhere. Kosmas can support all file types and you can even stream or view files within Kosmas without having to save/download anything. With AES 256bit bank level encryption standard, anyone within your company can store and secure sensitive content.

Tip #4: Link to Everything

Link and relate any modules and files together to foster cohesiveness throughout Kosmas. Match documents together and store remarks. Link a single document to multiple invoices, projects, client accounts and more. View those same documents from projects, orders, deliveries, quotes with ease.

Tip #5: Company File Cabinet

Allow everyone in your company access to general documents in the Company File Cabinet to improve collaboration and efficiency. Mobile workers can quickly pull up important safety documents or installation manuals. It’s so easy to quickly share the most vital documents with your entire team.

Tip #6: Accessibility from Anywhere

Whether users are in the office, traveling, or out in the field, they can access Kosmas anywhere. With desktop and mobile accessibility, users can upload and adjust files using a desktop, iPad or iPhone. Snap pictures or pull from your photo library too. Take videos, capture audio clips and even store signatures. No matter where you’re at, all of your documents are with you.

Tip #7: Restrict Access

Individual users can be assigned to documents and images pertaining to them through the “Assigned” feature. Record access can be determined by allowing management to select which users can or cannot view a specific file. Access controls can be made by an administrator to determine specific user functionalities such as having the authority to upload, modify, or delete files. History tracking can be performed to view all user activity of a record throughout it’s life span.

Tip #8: Advanced Searches

Users can store documents into “Favorites” for quick and easy access at anytime. Use filters to search for specific records, narrow them down by attributes, folders, categories, versions and more. Exclude, narrow, or extend your search criteria to increase precision.

Tip #9: Speedy Batch Options

To make multiple record feature changes, users can use the “Batch” option to perform an action on any number of files. Select and download various documents and images right onto your desktop for remote access. Modify record access, move folders, adjust categories and more across hundreds of documents with a single click.

Tip #10: File Metadata

View all technical details of uploaded content such as filename, storage type, file size, creation/modification dates and more. When using a mobile device (if applicable), users can view GPS coordinates of where the photo was created.

Without these helpful features, documents could be forgotten, lost, and unauthorized users could gain access to classified or private information. Kosmas is designed to avoid these issues while saving your company time and money. If your company decides to take advantage of Kosmas and these helpful features, you will be able to spend less time worrying and more time leveraging your business.