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Tampa Bay Newcomers Website Gets a Fresh New Look


Founded in 1950, the Tampa Bay Newcomers Club is a social and community service-based organization for women. The club offers many events and activities for its members including luncheons, book discussions, regular card games, outings, fundraisers, volunteer opportunities, and local speaking events.The organization also offers events for spouses and significant others.


Marleen Eagan, a member of the Tampa Bay Newcomers, learned about DocuWrx through a networking event. The club was using a very outdated HTML-style website to provide information about the organization’s activities and to invite prospective members to apply. The club’s website needed a fresh and new design that was easy to navigate and find relevant information.


Consulting with DocuWrx, several Squarespace templates were presented from which the organization could choose. After approved, in-house experts began to develop the new website. Along the way, DocuWrx provided updates, and the Tampa Bay Newcomers provided feedback based on what they saw. Any requested changes were made within one day.


DocuWrx experts moved and arranged content, added high resolution images, and created a chart of events. DocuWrx even improved the club’s logo for functionality, making it visually appealing anywhere it is used. The application process for new members was also simplified, adding an easily-accessed PDF application form to the website. The form is downloaded with a single click, or can be dragged and dropped right from the page to a visitor’s computer. Prospective members no longer have to email a member to obtain an application.


In a follow-up meeting, the Tampa Bay Newcomers board was enthusiastic about the new, big change. The organization has a fresh new website that is easy for visitors to use, navigate and access information. They also received expert services at an affordable price!
If your website is in need of an update, give the DocuWrx experts a call! With affordable rates and years of experience, we can help you solve simple and complex needs alike!