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Graphic Design Success: Serenity Funeral Home


Serenity Funeral Home of Largo, FL. is one of more than 2,000 members of the Dignity Memorial network. Spanning North America, Dignity Memorial providers assist over 300,000 families with funeral, cremation and cemetery services every year. With beautiful settings and caring service, families receive exceptional help through one of the most challenging stages of life.


Looking to continually exceed expectations, Serenity sought to provide visitors with detailed information about its parks. The outdated design of the brochures given to visitors no longer matched Serenity’s high standards of detail, quality, professionalism, and customer satisfaction. An updated and cost-effective design was needed for Serenity and its 15 Dignity Memorial sister locations. New materials needed to be visually appealing and easy to read to provide detailed information for thousands of visitors across multiple locations.


Serenity consulted with DocuWrx experts to identify needs and desires. DocuWrx proposed various designs and options to assist Serenity Funeral Home in achieving its goals. Given accurate and affordable quotes for these options, Serenity chose a design.

Once approved, DocuWrx went to work with Adobe InDesign and created a universal template with two variations that could be tailored for each location. Each location decided upon a template variation, and supplied images and text it wished to use. Once received, graphic design experts used Adobe Photoshop to edit, and touch up the images to give a high-quality representation of each location. For each image, an elegantly stylized description was also added to each location to fit the context.

Through a system of continual communication and feedback, Serenity and its sister locations were confident that the final product surpassed standards. With final approval, Serenity received high-quality materials to better serve their clients.




Serenity Funeral Home and its sister locations now use the durable and professional leaflet designed by DocuWrx. The cost-effective method of using a template and its variations provides consistency, yet still fits the unique needs of each location. All of this was gained at an affordable cost.

The size and style of the materials makes it easy to read, while the beautiful images accurately match the elegant setting. The detailed 11”x17” cardstock leaflet offers the option to tour the grounds with no representative needed, giving clientele the space and time to weigh important decisions. The leaflet echoes Serenity Funeral Home’s high standards, and will make what could be an emotionally difficult process easier for visitors.